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NAATI CCL Exam during the Pandemic

NAATI CCL Exam in Hindi is now online to help the aspirants during COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the online format of the exam.

Jul 20, 2020


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Naati CCL exam during the pandemic.

2020 has been an unprecedented and unpredictable year to date. With a lot going around the world, it's hard to keep our livelihoods in order. Many people have been influenced by this pandemic because of unemployment tend to sit at home doing nothing. After the pandemic is over, it's going to be a challenge to get back to our hackneyed lifestyle.

As far as I can tell, with little progress of vaccines to medicate the virus, the virus is obstinate to leave sometime early. The strongest pre-requisite for this lockout would then be to boost our competences. Investing ourselves to grow our character. Use this time to learn a few skill sets. And how about the registration of those powers?

Returning to the key subject, we plan to gather complete details from credible sources on the revised NAATI CCL exams in one post. The worldwide circumstantial situation has always affected the operation of this organisation.

Having said that, I hope that those preparing for the CCL test during this circumstance will be helped by reading this article on the assessment test scenario.

For anyone willing to undergo this credential in the future will be presented with insights into the revised CCL monitoring activities that will occur following the pandemic.

Australia Amid the Pandemic

Due to the current restrictions on COVID-19, the entire world is engaged in lockdown. They establish social barriers to avoid further transmission of the virus.

As most citizens will recognise, there have been major changes to Australian culture as well as to these global affairs. From a frugal point of view, the event that coincided with the rife bushfires had a serious impact on the country. Australia was on the path through a decline for the first period of negative development in nine years.

Talking of the Covid-19, the strain has started to intensify in Australia after mid-March. The epidemic has had a catastrophic effect of more than a hundred people infected in Australia.

As of now, the fatalities have fallen dramatically, with no resurgence in the epidemic in pandemics. As a result, the lockdown is now being eased across the country.

NAATI CCL exam during the Pandemic

As a way of serving the central objective of the number of qualified translators and interpreters in the nation, NAATI is still performing its qualification tests.

The NAATI tests will not be cancelled. However, concerning the health and safety of candidates, in-person examinations for CCL examinations are repealed. NAATI has decided that all future CCL tests will be conducted online from now on.

Since April, all CCL tests for candidates have been conducted online. As of now, only those previously scheduled candidates have been arranged for an online test.

If you are one of the candidates who booked a test before March, you will be contacted with instructions on how to book an online test.

To apply to CCL candidates, the tests will be booked for a specific month from September onwards, and the tests will be arranged in consultation with the individual.

Online Naati CCL

You have to pay AUD 800 including GST to appear in the online CCL test. These tests are carried out over the Internet through Microsoft teams.

Any candidate appearing for the assessment test may take the test from their own personal computer/laptop or any other mobile device running on either Android or iOS.

You need to sign in to my NAATI portal to apply for a NAATI exam, build an account, and register your data. Upon authentication, you must pick the date of your test. Once payment has been made, the check date will be checked via the mail-id.

You are expected to be online and logging in to the session at the time specified by the letter. If you're late, you won't be tested.

These online CCL tests are performed from a recording that is played to you by a test officer. Your responses will then be recorded for marking by other assessment officers.

The recording should contain two dialogues. Through dialogue will be focused on various scenarios and environments from real-life conditions occurring in the Australian Society.

These dialogues will cover areas such as health, law, community, immigration/settlement, education, social services, finance, housing, business, employment, insurance or consumer affairs.

The maximum time for the test is 20 minutes. The Test Invigilator will stop the candidate at this time after announcing that the maximum test time has been reached.

CCL Candidates must be able to:

  • Participate effectively in exchanges where relatively simple information is exchanged without any major deviation from pronunciation norms, expression standards, style and register.

  • To offer a sense of what the speakers have meant and to show correct comprehension and development of both English and LOTE.

To prepare online for Naati CCL

If you are an Australian immigrant who hopes to become a permanent resident soon, you will have to earn PR points. So what easier moment to train than that?

As mentioned earlier, all new bookings for the exam dates are not scheduled for September. And the time before the date of the review is at least three months. This time is necessary for you to begin your appraisal preparation.

At this crucial time, if you are engaged in unproductive activities, you will bear its consequences at the expense of your own time. Time doesn't wait for anyone, so you've got to be very wise about how you want to use it.

Right now, because of this lockout on us, you have a lot of energy. Ask yourself, are you concentrating on sustainability this time around?

And you need to be ready to take this certification for your diligent work and commitment. Instead of being restricted to and wasting your apartment's space, using this time to work for your vision.

You need tailored arrangements and research materials for this reason. You ought to attempt to study the methods and tactics for cracking the evaluation exam.

The best resource out there is NaatiLearner, which not only improves your pronunciation and vocabulary but also gives you a sense of the online exam. So stop procrastinating and get ready for Naati.

We wish you luck.

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